“Night Stars is War Games and The Goonies meets Time Bandits
and The Last Starfighter, but told in a very contemporary way with
great graphics storytelling. Kids will love it but I’m an adult
(maybe with the heart of a kid) and I love it too.”

-Michael Uslan
Producer The Batman movies
and The Lego movies

Adam, John and Leslie were just normal kids gearing up for winter vacation, when one day they are taken aboard a flying saucer, while on there the saucer morphs around them giving them suits that make them look like the classic “little green men” but the saucer is actually a time machine and takes them back in time where they crash land in Roswell, NM in 1947, THEY’RE THE ROSWELL ALIENS! Now it’s their jouney throughout time dealing with “histories mysteries,” working to find a way back home. So will the kids end up saving history or just become it?

   From there it’s their journey throughout time dealing with “histories mysteries.” They knock Amelia Earhart’s plane out of the sky, one falls in love with Anne Frank and they even get a Yeti as a pet! All the while being chased by other aliens, men in black, vampires and other creatures on myth and legend!

Comics Uniting Nations

In July of 2016, Comics Uniting Nations, released a special one-off issue of Night Stars (available for free online) as part of its global initiatives mission.  It features John, Adam, and Leslie helping a young girl and her village in the effort to end world hungerBe sure to check out all the comics released as part of this effort – its a novel and fun way to get people, particular young people, involved in efforts to better our planet.

Here is an interview about the effort, with some very positive impressions of the Night Stars issue.

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