About Night Stars

Night Stars is the story of three young kids facing impossible odds.  On the brink of a Earth-threatening crisis, they find themselves mysteriously drawn into a strange spaceship.  Before they know it, they are traveling through time and space, trying to get home…testing their bodies, minds, and hearts in the process!

Tim started developing Night Stars many years ago, refining the idea as he worked on other projects.  With a clear schedule in 2015, Tim got to work and launched a Kickstarter for issue #1.  This is his passion project; writing, penciling, inking, and coloring every panel.  It is currently being self-published and all completed issues and posters are available in the shop.

Comics Uniting Nations

In July of 2016, Comics Uniting Nations, released a special one-off issue of Night Stars (available for free online) as part of its global initiatives mission.  It features John, Adam, and Leslie helping a young girl and her village in the effort to end world hungerBe sure to check out all the comics released as part of this effort – its a novel and fun way to get people, particular young people, involved in efforts to better our planet.

Here is an interview about the effort, with some very positive impressions of the Night Stars issue.

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